Friday, December 3, 2010

November Merch + Fake Hair!

It's been a hopping month over at Meri Vintage! Items have been flying out of the shop - this has certainly been the most busy month ever since we opened this spring. Check out the heart-meltingly amazing 1950s prom dress above. I'd give anything to squeeze into this beauty, but alas, it's in the shop for you to enjoy.

Leah and I have both recently added some new items, and sold a few of our faves. Even it's horribly depressing that we now live in different cities, this has greatly helped the merchandise selection in the store! We can now cover double the territory without depleting all the usual haunts. Leah picked up the beauty above from a friend - this blazer is unreal. Check out the black version Leah's keeping for herself - she put it up on Lookbook. It almost borders on dress-length. Stunning.

In other non-vintage news, I purchased my first wig ever!

As some of you know, my mom went through a battle with cancer last year. She's been cancer-free for over a year, and she's doing great. However, she bought a wig prior to chemo just in case. Well, turns out she never lost her hair, but I've been very intrigued about wigs ever since I tried hers on.

So, not really having any experience with one, I went ahead and bought one to wear for our holiday shows at the theatre ...

Quite simply, it's absolutely gorgeous! I had one of the most wonderful, smooth, FAST purchases from Krista at MissVioletLace. You can truly tell when an Etsian cares about their business and merchandise, and this store is a perfect example.

Anyway, Krista has added some of my photos to the listing. So go check out her Etsy store and buy yourself some super fab fake hair!

Jolly Holidays to you all!