Friday, April 30, 2010

Today's look

This was actually last night's look, technically. This dress is absolutely amazing, and it was supposed to go on the Etsy store, but sorry ladies, I'm keeping it for myself!

This little beauty came from a less-than-desirable thrift store, however, I think the selection is way better since Leah may be the only person who dares shops there! Regardless, I'm happy to have accompanied her a few weeks ago since I found this loveliness.

There was an occasion for this outfit. Last night was my very first gallery opening at Sam & Greg's in downtown Huntsville. I have 15 pieces up for the next month, so go grab yourself some delicious pizza & gelato and check out the exhibit!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's old is new again at Lincoln Mill

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get a quick tour of the Lincoln Mills Project going on just outside downtown Huntsville.

After having a day to sit and process everything I saw: This place is going to be absolutely incredible, and Huntsville is lucky to have this development.

For those non-Alabamians, Huntsville used to be home to four textile mills -- Lincoln, Dallas, Lowe and Merrimack mills. Dallas no longer exists, while Lincoln, Merrimack and Lowe have all been restored by three independent local developers. Now, Leah and I have a particular interest in this, being that we work at one of them.

However, Lincoln Mills is going to be totally different than what's happening at Lowe and Merrimack. The entire project is really a multi-use facility that incorporates lofts (for rent, no condos!), a restaurant, Greengate School, a brewery (Straight to Ale) and rental space for events. If you haven't been by lately, you ought to take a drive down Meridian Street.

Follow their progress over at the Lincoln Mills blog.


Running away from you, is just like running a business

Hello, ya'll! After a weekend/Monday of digging, we have some great new finds for you this week! We listed a whole bunch of stuff last week on Friday, including blouses, dresses, and some rockin' 80s party dresses. We hope you've enjoyed everything so far.

These little beauties (pictured above) hurt us a little. Leah desperately wanted them for herself, sadly, they are too small for either of us, so we're passing the love along to you!

Coming tomorrow: Salvatore Ferragamo white bow flats! Let the screaming ensue :)

PS -- Leah is currently on the Hot page on Lookbook! Go hype her ASAP!


Friday, April 23, 2010

NEW loveliness over at the store!

Lots of new goodness going on over at the Meri Vintage Etsy store! We've got a whole new selection of dresses, blouses, rompers and accessories in all shapes, sizes and colors. A few plus-size options, and all types of dresses from the 50s through the 80s!

Two of our favorites are above, both secretary dresses. Ashley's on the right, Leah is at left in the pink. It's funny because I think the general population (or at least here) thinks people who wear vintage all dress pretty similarly. But Leah and I both have very different styles. Leah's all about the 1940s-50s, while I gravitate more toward the 1960s-70s. She chooses lighter colors, while I always opt for blacks and blues.

Anyway, the point of all this is that while we're both wearing secretary dresses above, we bring our own unique styles to Meri Vintage and we hope very much that you enjoy the selection of items we find down here in Alabama.

Happy shopping and happy weekend!

XOX, Ashley

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vintage Love

I am absolutely loving the new Treasury East on Etsy. This is currently the Meri Vintage treasury, "Sunny with a chance of rain."

Check it out for great vintage pieces from other Etsy sellers.

First dress sale

I'm especially excited today because we had our second Etsy sale, and it was the first vintage dress we've sold on the Etsy store!

This piece is particularly girly and pretty for an 80s dress, since it's got the crazy sleeves and heavy damask pattern. Leah fell in love with it upon finding it, and purchased it for herself even though it's a size too large.

She then passed it to me, and alas, it was too small. So, though heartbroken neither of us could fit into it, we listed it on Etsy, and it became one our first items on Meri Vintage. Now, it will have a lovely new home in Canada.

This sale is a big milestone for the store. We're always complimented individually on our styles, and we knew this store could work. Now, you're all showing us some love and helping us get this puppy off the ground. :)

Thanks for visiting the blog. <3 Have a glorious day!

XOX, Ashley


Welcome to the official blog for Meri Vintage! We'll post our favorite finds, and the stories behind the items we're selling on our Etsy page.

Thanks for tuning in. We look forward to bringing you fabulous finds from down in Dixieland.

Ashley + Leah