Thursday, April 22, 2010

First dress sale

I'm especially excited today because we had our second Etsy sale, and it was the first vintage dress we've sold on the Etsy store!

This piece is particularly girly and pretty for an 80s dress, since it's got the crazy sleeves and heavy damask pattern. Leah fell in love with it upon finding it, and purchased it for herself even though it's a size too large.

She then passed it to me, and alas, it was too small. So, though heartbroken neither of us could fit into it, we listed it on Etsy, and it became one our first items on Meri Vintage. Now, it will have a lovely new home in Canada.

This sale is a big milestone for the store. We're always complimented individually on our styles, and we knew this store could work. Now, you're all showing us some love and helping us get this puppy off the ground. :)

Thanks for visiting the blog. <3 Have a glorious day!

XOX, Ashley


  1. Hay girl!
    How are you? It's my first time on your blog and I really love it! You have a great style!

    Please check my blog too and maybe we can follow eachother! Let me know.

    Love, Cindy

  2. Thanks for visiting! Will definitely check out your blog sweetie!