Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Running away from you, is just like running a business

Hello, ya'll! After a weekend/Monday of digging, we have some great new finds for you this week! We listed a whole bunch of stuff last week on Friday, including blouses, dresses, and some rockin' 80s party dresses. We hope you've enjoyed everything so far.

These little beauties (pictured above) hurt us a little. Leah desperately wanted them for herself, sadly, they are too small for either of us, so we're passing the love along to you!

Coming tomorrow: Salvatore Ferragamo white bow flats! Let the screaming ensue :)

PS -- Leah is currently on the Hot page on Lookbook! Go hype her ASAP!



  1. A slight tear just trickled from my eye over seeing these again...sigh.